In 1909 the Cuban Railroad Company purchased these land to build a Hotel based on the project of the architect Carlos Segrera. The company "Friends and Brothers" built the building in record time, since in just six months they managed to finish the property delivered on January 1914 and opened ten days later.

Old Hotel Casa Granda at Right

The doors of Hotel Casa Granda was officially opened on January 10, 1914, as previously was the residence of Don Manuel de Granda, hence its name, and then worked as a guesthouse. With its opening was a place of culinary delicacy in Santiago de Cuba and preferred site for banquets and balls in high society.

Old Hotel Casa Granda and Club San Carlos

The first passenger who stayed in was the car sales agent Edward Rochette. In the opening day, Mr. Prudencio Bravo, manager of the Hotel, gave reporters a night snack and an elegant reception was organized and the first meal was served in their restaurant.

Between 1993 and 1995, this elegant structure was full renovated, the principal architect was Sandra Alvarez Barthelemy. The Hotel Casa Granda is one of the illustrious buildings of Santiago de Cuba city.

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