The Hotel Casa Granda,its an eclectic building from the the early twentieth century is located on the corner of San Pedro and is linked to the Parque Cespedes. The building has four floors. It's sober facades present in the eclectic style. Majesty prevails in its compositional elements. The second and third floor in perfect symmetry store openings and decorations balustrades.

Hotel Casa Granda Facade

On the fourth floor is recharged ornamentation and arches windows, supported by slender columns. Its architectural elegance adds aesthetic value to the overall environmental monumental area of Parque Cespedes.

The pinnacle of the building is through a simple entablature where architraves, friezes and cornices have simple trim. As interesting detail denticles appear in each section corresponding to the pillars. People in the entablature are highlighted. Above shows the parapet, and massive stone also with pillars that mark the different sections.

Entering the hotel majestically in the lobby we met with a wide corridor for a coffee room, with magnificent views of the Parque Cespedes. The remaining floors are for rooms with access through large and sculptural stairs. His eclectic style enhances its magnificence.

The part of the Casa Granda called ROOF GARDEN was planned in December 1916 by Carlos Segrera itself, work executed under the action of developer Gerardo Vegas. From here you can see beautiful views of the city.

Between 1993 and 1995, this elegant structure was a general rehabilitation of which was main architect designer Sandra Alvarez Barthelemy. Today remains one of the distinguished buildings of this city, and with it part of the history and culture of Santiago de Cuba.

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